Bar, Terrace and Restaurant Magic

Why not hire Graeme Mykal to visit your bar to entertain your guests. He will wonder around from table to table performing some mind blowing Close up Magic, leaving jaws on the floors!

Or have him out on the terrace where he can keep everyone outside entertained as well. He will do magic to suit the whole family, from toddlers to....well the big kids(that includes the adults). He will make some amazing balloon models as well so the kids get a lasting memory of their time at your venue.

Graeme's Magic works equally well in the restaurant environment.  Again moving around the tables giving each party their very own Magic show right in front of their eyes.

It also works to aid the restaurants smooth running. For example just imagine there is a short delay in the kitchen for some reason. instead of leaving guests sitting waiting, why not send Graeme over to entertain them for 10 minutes or so. By the time the food arrives, your guests will not even realise there has been a delay, result... happy customers.